I enjoy attending Ms V’s classes very much. They are engaging and have helped me to destress after a long week at school. My interest and appreciation for music has only grown ever since I started attending her classes in August 2019.

She is very skilled in her craft and has tremendously helped me to improve my musical knowledge and performance in such a short period of time! She gives helpful insights on how to make pieces easier to learn and takes time to correct mistakes no matter how big or small. She has also significantly contributed to my understanding and ability to do Music Theory, something I used to avoid.

Ms V is a fun and likeable teacher that though may have high expectations of students, still remains patient and gentle. She puts in alot of effort in her classes and does her utmost best to help us achieve our goals. I am now more confident in myself and my music because of her. Thank you Ms V!

1st WhatsApp text received (in Sept 2018) from Mrs Ng whose daughter took lessons to prepare for a church keyboard audition:

Thank you Ms V for asking. Cheyanne played well at home but was nervous and off beat during the audition. In fact her playing style is more complex than another Grade 6 girl (though she is only Grade 1). I am encouraging her to continue learning from you. She likes you very much and keeps saying you are exceptionally patient. Really thank you so much. My home is like a worship service every night. “

2nd WhatsApp text received (in Jan 2019) from Mrs Ng:

“This round of experience is so different. Cheyanne says your Piano classes are a way to destress. But in previous piano classes with her past teachers, every lesson was a stress to her. Thank you for getting her excited in Piano again! She is counting the years what grade she will be in two years time!😄”

3rd WhatsApp text received (in Jan 2020) from Mrs Ng:

“Cheyanne says your house has the presence of God. She feels her worries are gone, her heart is filled with peace and calmness everytime she steps in for lessons. She takes the time at your class as a time to have peace so she needs piano lessons despite the heavy school workload.

Your house is a ministry space, not just a venue for music lesson. I thank God for you Ms V. My girl walks in wounded with school challenges but walks out in victory. Really, i am not exaggerating her before and after emotions. Thank you Ms V for guiding her❣️😘”

4th WhatsApp text received (in Feb 2021) from Mrs Ng after Cheyanne scored a Distinction in her Grade 5 Practical:

Thank you Ms V! You make wonders for Cheyanne! 🤗

I feel that lessons with Ms V are never boring and after every lesson, I will always have fruitful ‘take-aways’. These ‘take-aways’ are not purely knowledge in music, but also in how to be more organised when planning things and how to be fast and systematic at the same time. Also, Ms V has also widened my scope of the world of music by showing me minor yet important things that my previous piano teacher would not even bother mentioning. Ms V has guided me with her patience in both Practical and Theory, allowing me to improve tremendously in both aspects. All in all, I would say that lessons with Ms V is both engaging and fruitful.

WhatsApp text received from Mrs Oi:

“Thanks for helping Lu Yi to achieve a DISTINCTION in her Grade 6 Practical exam! She was so happy and is now having more confidence for her coming piano exams in 2019! 😄”

I have been learning the piano with Ms V for only half a year. However, in that short time she helps me to improve rapidly my understanding of music theory as well as piano skills. Every lesson with her is a value to me as she attentively assess my performance and correct my mistakes patiently. She is a kind, gentle and efficient teacher who has highly professional skills. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn the piano with fun and yet with high standards!

After attending lessons with Ms V, I began to fully understand the Music Theory syllabus and learnt much more efficiently. I was able to recall what I learnt from my lessons with Ms V during my Theory Exam and hence, doing extremely well for it – scoring a distinction! Also, before I started classes with Ms V, I had alot of confusion and mistakes in my Exam Pieces. However, Ms V was able to help me correct all those mistakes and also taught me another exam piece, which I was able to play fluently, all in a short span of time. Her pointers to play better and do my theory well has indeed helped my immensely. Her lessons are also always very engaging, fun and I always look forward to my piano lessons with her!

I felt music lessons with Teacher V has impacted me greatly in a positive manner since Day 1. After a few lessons on Music Theory, I was able to learn and understand the entire theory syllabus thus allowing me to perform well in the examinations. During Piano Practical lessons, she gives useful suggestions on how to improve the way a piece should be played. I find her lessons interesting and hence always look forward to every lesson.

Teacher V is a patient teacher who conducts her lessons in an engaging manner. She makes lessons fun and enjoyable through her methods of teaching and adopts different techniques to help her students understand the piano pieces better. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the piano!