I feel that lessons with Ms V are never boring and after every lesson, I will always have fruitful ‘take-aways’. These ‘take-aways’ are not purely knowledge in music, but also in how to be more organised when planning things and how to be fast and systematic at the same time. Also, Ms V has also widened my scope of the world of music by showing me minor yet important things that my previous piano teacher would not even bother mentioning. Ms V has guided me with her patience in both Practical and Theory, allowing me to improve tremendously in both aspects. All in all, I would say that lessons with Ms V is both engaging and fruitful.

WhatsApp text received from Mrs Oi:

“Thanks for helping Lu Yi to achieve a DISTINCTION in her Grade 6 Practical exam! She was so happy and is now having more confidence for her coming piano exams in 2019! 😄”

Oi Lu Yi, a Piano Grade 8 student studying in Temasek Junior College