I enjoy attending Ms V’s classes very much. They are engaging and have helped me to destress after a long week at school. My interest and appreciation for music has only grown ever since I started attending her classes in August 2019.

She is very skilled in her craft and has tremendously helped me to improve my musical knowledge and performance in such a short period of time! She gives helpful insights on how to make pieces easier to learn and takes time to correct mistakes no matter how big or small. She has also significantly contributed to my understanding and ability to do Music Theory, something I used to avoid.

Ms V is a fun and likeable teacher that though may have high expectations of students, still remains patient and gentle. She puts in alot of effort in her classes and does her utmost best to help us achieve our goals. I am now more confident in myself and my music because of her. Thank you Ms V!

Miranda Lee, a Diploma Piano Student studying in Nanyang Junior College