Music Courses

Lessons Conducted (Online / Teacher’s Studio)

Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults & Children ages 6 up
ABRSM, Trinity & LCM Piano Lessons Grades 1 to 8 for Adults & Children ages 6 up / ACCELERATED Piano Course also available – kindly contact Teacher V for more details
ABRSM & Trinity Music Theory Lessons Grades 1-8 for Adults & Children (Individual / Group of 2 for Grades 1-8) Check this or contact Teacher V for current timeslots available for Group Theory
Performance Diploma Piano Lessons (ARSM, DipABRSM, ATCL, DipLCM, ALCM)
Short-term Piano Course for Adults (a piano song which you would like to learn w/wo music background for a special event )
Christian Worship Music ( Learn how to play the melody &/or the chords of the song & how to play by ear )
Pop Piano / Improvisation Piano Lessons – Play by ear
 “Improve your Sight-Reading” Piano Lessons Grades 1-8 (for those who want to concentrate solely on brushing up their Sightreading skills)

 All lessons are 1-to-1 ( ONLINE or at Teacher’s Studio ) and every student attends a total of 11 hours of class each term, based on the studio’s academic calendar. This is allocated as eleven lessons of 1 hr each. There are four terms in a year, each quarter making one term. *ACCELERATED Piano Course — lessons are conducted twice a week or once a week over a longer class duration. Different lesson durations may apply, do enquire for more details.

Flexible timeslots available for Adult Students who work on Shifts / have different offdays weekly (eg. Healthcare Professionals, Singapore Airlines Flight Attendants / SIA Cabin Crews). Students may opt for both Physical & Online lessons. For students who opt for a flexible schedule, class fee will differ from those regular lessons based on the studio’s academic calendar. Kindly WhatsApp 85093996 for more details.

* Only students taking lessons will be allowed into the studio. Parents are to drop off their kids for lesson and pick them up promptly after class. As lessons are conducted in teacher’s residential premises, there will be no waiting area for parents/maids.

* Lessons can be held more than once a week for students who would like to catch up / expedite in their learning.

For the above Music / Piano Classes: click here for testimonials

For Graded Piano Lessons & Other Piano Classes:

 Exam Materials: Exam Pieces, Scales, SightReading, Aural, Pieces of students choice & / OR Music Theory will be covered

Gain practice of proper piano techniques to overcome technically challenging / demanding repertoire

For adults, you’ll also gain knowledge of techniques to prevent ‘finger cramps’ while playing the piano

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