Christian Piano Lessons / Praise & Worship Piano Lessons

Looking to serve in your church ministry or play in your care group? Church pianists, aspiring keyboardists, or anyone who is interested to expand their scope of playing modern praise and worship (eg. Hillsong, Planet Shakers, etc.) and even classic hymns are welcome to take lessons with Teacher V with or without music background.

Styles of Playing

There are two styles of playing.

(a) During church services, you will be accompanying the worship leader and/or the band. Here you generally play chords, chord progressions, learn intros, interludes, rhythmic patterns, etc. There is no need to play the melody since the worship leader is already singing the melody.

(b) Whereas during a performance, you will learn to play the entire song with the melody as well. Of the two, this is more challenging compared to just playing chords as an accompaniment. This will be easier to learn if the student is around Grade 3 level onwards.

WhatsApp text received from Mrs Ng whose daughter took lessons to prepare for a church keyboard audition: ” Thank you Ms V for asking. Cheyanne played well at home but was nervous and off beat during the audition. In fact her playing style is more complex than another Grade 6 girl (though she is only Grade 1). I am encouraging her to continue learning from you. She likes you very much and keeps saying you are exceptionally patient. Really thank you so much. My home is like a worship service every night.” (Cheyanne, a Sec 1 student who took 2 weeks of classes to prepare for her keyboard audition; eventually signed up with Ms V for Praise & Worship Lessons after the audition)

SMS received from Mrs Tan whose son is preparing to serve in church as a keyboardist : ” So far we are very happy with the Christian songs you have taught! Davier’s learning well! Thanks Teacher V! ” (Davier, a Primary 3 student also scored a Merit in his recent 2017 Grade 3 Piano Practical exam under Teacher V)
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